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Terms & Conditions

Changes in our Programs
As a Transport Company, Go Easy Transportation reserves the right to make changes in the travel itineraries without notice when reasons beyond our control force us to do so, such as natural disasters and events that at the discretion of the administrative staff of Go Easy Transportation represent a risk to our customers.


Money Refunds
When our customer makes a payment in advance to guarantee reservation of a transportation service or any other activity related to our operation, cancellations, changes of reservations or cash refunds will be subject to the policies of Go Easy Transportation or operators that have been booked.

When the customer cancels a shuttle late, is at the discretion of Go Easy Transportation if any economical penalty applies.


Payment Confirmation

When a payment for services is made, it is necessary that the client e-mails proof of such payment. Payments for Transportation reservations must be made as the following: a minimum of 50% of the total value of the service has to be paid in order to process the reservation, this payment has to be made before the service is performed, the payment of 50% remaining must be made upon the completion of the service rendered.


Advances and Total Payments for Hotel Reservation Services Requested or Other Third Parties

The Hotels and other service providers require payment of 100% of their service with some time in advance. This time will vary depending on the Hotel or supplier of services and of the season, whether high or low occupancy. Go Easy Transportation will inform the customer if a cash advance is needed to secure the booking and the time limit to make full payment of the same. If the customer does not meet the deadline to make the payments that the Hotel or other provider of services requested, Go Easy Transportation may cancel the reservation if their economic interests are compromised.


Prices of Our Programs
Prices advertised by Go Easy Transportation may be subject to change without notice in due case that alternate routes may have to be taken according to the need of the customer or by fluctuations in operation costs.

Price changes in Quote
A quoted and booked trip at a certain price by using a particular route may vary its price at the last minute if for some reason the route provided for the trip was closed with problems or if had to use some alternative route and therefore would have a difference in the initial operating cost contemplating not only fuel consumption but also tire wear, general vehicle wear and driver expenses.

Changes in the Contracted Transportation Vehicle
In case the contracted transportation vehicle has to be changed at the last minute due to mechanical problems or other reasons beyond our control. In this case the service would be provided with some other transportation vehicle with the characteristics as similar as possible to the transport vehicle initially contracted.


Reconfirm Contracted Transportation Service

All service reservations must be confirmed in writing.


Last Minute Reservations
Go Easy Transportation accepts last minute reservations, however payment for the contracted service will be made once the reservation is confirmed and the payment shall not be made by check.


Cancellation Policy

Go Easy Transportation reserves the right to cancel any reservation that may affect the company in any way (libel / defamation, economic loss or any other).

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